Welcome to our shop!

Kauai Sup is Kauai's only Stand Up Paddle board specialty shop. We are dedicated to bringing our community quality boards at a competitive price. Our boards are designed on Kauai, and are retailed at wholesale prices. By cutting out the middle man, we can pass the savings on to our customers. We carry boards for the full range of abilities and interests. If you need help navigating the options - we will guide you to understand the various sizes, shapes and performance characteristics to fit your interests. All you need to do is pick the color!

Shipping to other islands is available upon request.

How to Pick a Board

1. Know your skill level with some size dimensions of previously used boards, if you can. Know your desired use (are you getting into surfing or looking to take the family out on the water, etc).

2. Know your weight
Note: a lot of people think they are looking for a board of a certain length. While what you really should be looking for in most cases is the volume. The volume is the best indicator of the boards buoyancy and then the length, width, thickness, and board rocker are altered to get the performance you desire.

Our shop carries a few main categories of boards:

Surf Series – designed for performing on waves;

Stability Series – geared towards beginners, calm waters, and transporting cargo to remote beaches and waterfalls;

And the most popular series – Hybrid. The Hybrid Series, as the name suggests, fits in between the two extremes and offers the rider a board that has excellent performance in both mediums.


Shipping to other islands is available upon request.


The long board is the classic traditional surfing approach. It is a dedicated surfing board and requires the speed generated from a wave to be able to stand up on. These boards are a lot of fun for both expert and complete beginners alike. The size of the board has a looser relationship with a riders size/weight than a SUP (stand up paddle board). This is because once a rider is gliding on a wave, he/she can ride very small boards, appropriately called shortboards, to very large longboards at their discretion. The biggest variable here is the rider’s intended experience and skill level. A beginner might want to rip on a short board but must first get sufficient balance and dexterity before moving to steeper, faster, trickier waves that shortboards excel in. However, all skill levels might find a longboard a great addition to the board collection as more days in the year have waves best suited to this type of ride.

All of our longboards are designed with performance in mind. The shape is designed by local shapers to get the quality experience you deserve.


We carry 4 sizes of longboard :

9’8” x 23 13/16” x 3 5/8”- 100.3 L
9’6” x 23 1/2” x 3 3/16”- 85.9 L
9’0” x 23 5/16” x 3 3/16”- 80.9 L
8’0” Ρ… 22” Ρ… 3 1/8” -65.2 L

All of our boards feature genuine Futures fin boxes.


When it comes to surfing, small changes in width and thickness and overall shape of the board can have a very big impact on the way the board performs on a wave. Many boards are very specific to the the kinds of waves they perform best on. A lot of riders that are sensitive to those subtle differences know exactly what they want and just need to have a list of the dimensions and then feel the board in their hands to intuit the ride and performance and if the board matches what they are looking for. For many who are less confident than that we’ll include a few of the of the main features here:

In our surf series we carry two types of boards and many sizes. The TOP GUN is a line of boards that are ultra small and thin for the experienced rider looking to do radical turns and maneuver responsively.


FUN WAVE is the second style of the Surf Series boards. Unlike TOP GUN, they are made a little thicker and wider for more stability. They also have chimed rails to maintain performance and a large center fin- such as a longboard. The boards have a 5 fin set up and are all made with genuine Futures fin boxes built into every board.

Fun Wave comes in two sizes, 9’0 and 9’6.

The dimensions are:

9’0” x 30” x 4 1/2” – 140.7 L
9’6” x 32” x 4 3/8”- 155.5 L

8.1” x 29 5/8” x 4”- 105.6 L
8.7” x 30 3/8” x 4”- 115.5 L
9.2” x 31” x 4”- 130.5 L.


This board that is both beautiful and practical. It features real wood veneer and a design that lets the rider take their paddle boarding interest wherever their heart desires.

These boards are the most popular because they are the best of both worlds- one can comfortably take them on rivers and flat bays as well as in the ocean for small to medium waves. This is achieved with the board’s larger shape for stability with surfing characteristics such as larger rockers and rail and tail shape that offers control.

They come in four sizes and six different colors- with either bamboo wood or palonia for the look you want. All the boards that are 10’6 or larger come with a bungee strap built onto the front of the board for securing personal items (shoes, coolers, dry bags, water bottle). The largest 11’ and 11’6 come with a large single fin to reduce drag and move fast in the water while offering lots of stability. The smallest of the hybrid series is 10’ and is great for a smaller rider or someone who is just branching out into waves but does not quite feel ready to give up extra width and thickness and still wants the easier glide when paddling up rivers and flat ocean bays.

The dimensions are as follows:
10’0” x 30” x 4.8” -180 L
10’6” x 32” x 4.7” – 186 L


As the name suggest, this board is designed to be used in flat water or calm ocean and bays. Its thickness is largely maintained from the nose to the tail of the board. With less rocker (curved banana shape) more of the board maintains contact with the flat water and adds stability. The added stability is appreciated by many paddlers from novice to those with extra weight or looking to take extra cargo with them. It is a great family board as it is more durable with a built-in rail protector. This buffer around the edge of the board protects the board, should it come into contact with a hard object, including the paddle as a novice paddler works out their paddling technique.

Dimensions of the Stability boards are:
10’6” x 32” x 4.8”- 121 L
11’6” x 33” x 5.3” – 240.4 L