Surfboard Rentals Kauai

  1 Day (24 Hours)     3 Day     5 Day     1 Week
Shortboards$30 $80$100$120
Longboard$30 $80$100$120


*All surfboard rentals include free of charge:

  • Board
  • Fins
  • Leash
  • Soft Racks for your rental car

NEW FOR 2019!
Kauai SUP now offers a full line of surfboard rentals to fit everyone’s need.

Kauai SUP now boasts one of the most extensive surfboard rental selections on the island.

Our boards are designed by shapers from Hawaii assuring our customers they have will rent a surfboard or longboard meant for our waves.

Performance shortboards range from sizes 5’10-6’6 while longboards range from 8’0-9’6. Please book under our reservations and give us a call to dial in the size board you would like to rent.

For longboards in 9’6 we have both covered in soft top if you prefer to not deal with wax or traditional epoxy longboards, which ever you prefer.

At Kauai SUP, we constantly rotate our inventory assuring you will not ever be reacting a beat up board from us. Come check us out today.